Understanding Datolite
Characteristics, History, Meaning, and Effects


Datolite, discovered in 1806, is a unique mineral known for its beautiful crystals and varied color palette. This article provides an easy-to-understand explanation of datolite's meanings and effects, and also touches upon its characteristics, origins, and history.

What is Datolite?

Mineral Data

English Name
Chemical Formula
Ca B Si O 4 (O H)
Crystal System
White, gray, light green, red, yellow, occasionally pink
Main Locations
United States, Mexico, Russia, Europe (Austria, Italy, Germany, Norway, England), Japan
Mohs Hardness
5 - 5.5
Vitreous, resinous
Transparent to translucent, occasionally opaque
Specific Gravity
2.936 to 3

About the Color and Appearance

Datolite displays a variety of colors, including beautiful pale green, pink, yellow, and occasionally white or cream. Its transparency and luster are accentuated by light, showcasing its unique charm. Its complex crystal structure and delicate sheen make it popular for jewelry and decorative pieces.

About the Origin

Datolite is primarily found in Michigan, USA, and Mexico, as well as in parts of Russia and Europe. Mexican datolite, in particular, is renowned for its rich coloration and is highly valued among collectors.

About the Physical Properties

With a Mohs hardness of 5 to 5.5, datolite requires careful handling for everyday use. Its specific gravity ranges from 2.936 to 3, enhancing the stone's transparency and luster.

Images of Datolite

Datolite Raw Stone from Dalnegorsk, Russia
This image showcases a raw datolite stone from Dalnegorsk, Russia. It features a delicate emerald green color and a translucent texture. The natural elegance and unique sheen of this stone are evident, making it captivating even in its raw form.

Meanings and Effects of Datolite

Enhancing Intellect and Mental Strength

Datolite is said to enhance concentration and memory, promoting clarity of thought. It is believed to be particularly effective in situations requiring mental clarity, such as exams or important business meetings.

Adapting to Life's Transitions

In times of significant change or challenge, datolite is thought to bring peace of mind and assist in adapting to new environments and situations. It supports embracing change and moving forward with a positive attitude.

Spiritual Exploration

Datolite encourages exploration of inner truths and higher states of consciousness. It is expected to support the development of deep insight during meditation and spiritual practices.


We hope this article deepens your understanding of the beauty and profound significance of datolite. With its diverse colors and unique brilliance, datolite offers more than just ornamental value.

Meanings and Effects of Datolite

  • Improving Intellect and Mental Strength
  • Adapting to Life's Transitions
  • Spiritual Exploration

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Symbols of Datolite

  • Clarity and Insight
  • Peace and Acceptance
  • Inner Exploration and Growth


  • *This article is based on general information about datolite. The effects of crystals can vary from person to person, so please pay attention to your own experiences.