Exploring Cryolite:
Characteristics, History, Meaning, and Effects


Cryolite is a mineral that is generally hard to find. It was once abundantly mined along the western coast of Greenland in Ivittuut. This article delves into the properties, origins, history, and the meanings and effects of cryolite. We aim to enhance your knowledge about this intriguing crystal and how you can benefit from its use.

About Cryolite

Mineral Data

English Name
Halide Minerals
Chemical Formula
Crystal System
Colorless to white, brown, sometimes with a red hue
Main Locations
Greenland, Spain, Canada, Russia
Mohs Hardness
Glassy to greasy
Transparent to translucent
Specific Gravity

About the Color and Appearance

Cryolite's colors range from colorless to white, reddish-brown, and rarely black. It typically forms in large masses and occasionally as isometric or pseudo-cubic crystals.

About the Origins

Commercially mined in Ivittuut (formerly Ivigdut) in Greenland, cryolite has also been found in smaller quantities in Spain, Colorado, Quebec, and Russia.

Physical Properties

With a Mohs hardness of 2.5–3 and a specific gravity of approximately 2.95–3.0, cryolite is transparent to translucent. Its very low refractive index of around 1.34 makes it nearly invisible when submerged in water.

Historical Background of Cryolite

First described in 1798 by Danish veterinarian and physician Peder Christian Abildgaard (1740–1801), cryolite was originally discovered in Greenland. It was used in the smelting of aluminum and in the electrolytic processing of aluminum oxide during the 19th and 20th centuries. Nowadays, due to the rarity of natural cryolite, Sodium hexafluoroaluminate (Na₃AlF₆), synthesized from Fluorite, is used as a substitute.

The Meanings and Effects of Cryolite

Connection to Higher Realms

Cryolite is believed to foster a strong connection with higher angelic realms, aiding in spiritual and consciousness elevation.

Meditation and Healing Properties

Known for its high vibrational energy, cryolite is beneficial for meditation, removing unnecessary beliefs, and promoting physical health. It is particularly associated with the third eye and throat chakras, and is believed to aid in treating eye infections and speech impediments.

Emotional and Mental Well-being

Cryolite is said to enhance positive thinking, self-awareness, and acceptance, removing negative thoughts and improving courage, confidence, and self-assurance.

Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

It is considered to foster deep spiritual growth and awakening, related to the soul star chakra, purifying the mind, and aiding in the development of spiritual gifts.

Relationships and Love

Believed to heal relationships and foster love, cryolite brings joy and richness to bonds between people, opening the heart to affection and romance.


Cryolite is a fascinating stone that aids in deepening connections with higher dimensions, paving the way for spiritual growth and enlightenment. It also plays a significant role in love and human relationships, enhancing bonds and building richer connections. With proper care, it can be cherished for a long time.

Meanings and Effects of Cryolite

  • Connection to Higher Dimensions
  • Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment
  • Enhancing Love and Human Relationships
  • Harmony of Mind and Thoughts
  • Positive Thinking and Self-awareness

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Symbolism of Cryolite

  • Spiritual Harmony
  • Deepening of Affection
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Peace of Mind

Important Note

  • *This article is based on general information about cryolite. The effects of crystals can vary from person to person.