Campo del Cielo: Meaning and Effects

Campo del Cielo

Introducing the Significance and Benefits of Campo del Cielo, a Natural Stone Used in Power Stones

Energy of Campo del Cielo

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Meaning of Campo del Cielo

1. A Stone from the Gibeon Family

Campo del Cielo, a type of iron meteorite, is part of the Gibeon family. It is believed to have fallen to Earth approximately 4,000 to 6,000 years ago and was discovered in the 16th century by Spanish explorers.

The site of discovery, named "Campo del Cielo" meaning "Field of the Sky," inspired the name of this crystal. Regarded as a powerful stone with cosmic energy, shamans of the time highly valued it for enhancing spiritual power.

As a crystal primarily composed of iron, Campo del Cielo is very sensitive to water and oils and must be handled with care to prevent rusting.

2. A Healing Stone that Removes All Forms of Fatigue

Campo del Cielo is believed to remove all forms of weariness, including the exhaustion of the soul. By alleviating this deeper fatigue, it helps in rejuvenating the spirit.

It is especially recommended for times when rest does not seem to alleviate tiredness, as it works on a profound level to restore vitality.

3. A Stone with Strong Protective Properties

Campo del Cielo is known for its meteorite-specific protective effects, considered to be stronger than those of its Gibeon counterparts. It excels in shielding against negative energies and keeps potentially harmful environments and people at bay.

It constantly safeguards its bearer from stress caused by negative energy.