Black Tourmaline
Characteristics, History, Meaning, and Benefits

Black Tourmaline

Natural Stone Revered for Its Energizing Properties
Unveiling the Significance and Benefits of 'Black Tourmaline'

The Energy of Black Tourmaline

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The Meaning of Black Tourmaline

1. A Black Stone Among the Tourmaline Group

Black Tourmaline refers to the opaque black variety of tourmalines, sometimes known as Schorl.

This crystal has a long history, valued by Native Americans as a stone that inspires insight and inspiration. In Victorian England, it was used as a gemstone for mourning attire.

The most potent effect of Black Tourmaline is its well-known ability to ward off evil spirits. It is particularly adept at keeping negative energy at bay.

It is a reliable crystal that protects against various negative energies like anxiety, pressure, harassment, and jealousy.

2. A Stone That Provides Stability

Black Tourmaline is also known for providing a sense of stability.

It helps reform flighty thoughts and guides towards a more realistic way of thinking, leading to corresponding actions.

For those who act impulsively, carrying Black Tourmaline can help them consider the consequences of their actions.

Realistic thinking and corresponding actions provide a foundation for the owner, thus enhancing stability.

3. A Stone That Balances

Black Tourmaline works to balance emotions, mind, and body.

Not only does it balance, but it also activates these aspects, thereby encouraging the flow of stagnant energy.

This leads to a reduction in both physical and mental stress, allowing one to feel more energetic and lively compared to before.

Cleansing Methods for Black Tourmaline

Cleansing with Sunlight: ×
Cleansing with Water: ×

Avoid using sunlight or flowing water to cleanse Black Tourmaline.

A recommended method is exposing it to moonlight, especially during a full moon.

Using sage is also advisable, particularly when it is frequently used.