About Axinite
Characteristics, History, Meaning, and Effects


Axinite, a natural stone known for its axe-like beautiful crystals, ranges in color from brown to purple-brown or reddish-brown. This article provides an in-depth exploration of the meaning and effects of Axinite, as well as its characteristics, sources, and history. We aim to enhance your understanding and utilization of this captivating crystal.

About Axinite

Mineral Data

English Name
Silicate Minerals
Chemical Formula
(Ca,Fe,Mn)3Al2BO3Si4O12OH or Ca2(Fe,Mn)Al2BSi4O15(OH)
Crystal System
Brown to purple-brown, reddish-brown
Main Sources
France, California, among others
Mohs Hardness
Transparent to Translucent
Specific Gravity

About Color and Appearance

Axinite is a mineral known for its diverse beauty in color and shape. Particularly, crystals from Le Bourg-d'Oisans in France and San Diego County in California are esteemed for their beauty.

About the Origins

Axinite is commonly found in metamorphic and igneous rocks. Key sources include the Isère department in France and California in the United States.

Physical Properties

Axinite is a silicate mineral containing elements like calcium, manganese, iron, aluminum, and boron. It possesses piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, with a Mohs hardness of approximately 6.5-7.0.

Historical Background of Axinite

Named in 1787, Axinite derives its name from the Greek word 'axine' (axe), reflecting its characteristic sharp crystals.

Meanings and Effects of Axinite

Cultural Beliefs and Traditions

Axinite, with its unique color and shape, holds diverse cultural values. These features are recognized as sources of creativity in arts and design. Its distinctive appearance is also used symbolically for protection and guardianship.

Historical and Cultural Background

The historical and cultural roles of Axinite are varied. Its rarity and beauty have been valued in various cultures since ancient times.


Axinite, with its beautiful appearance and historical background, holds significant cultural value. With proper care, it can be a cherished item for a long time.

Features of Axinite

  • Unique colors and shapes
  • Source of artistic creativity
  • Symbol of protection and guardianship
  • Historical and cultural value

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Axinite's Symbolic Meaning

  • Creativity
  • Protection
  • Historical Value

Important Notes

  • *This article is based on general information about Axinite. The effects of crystals can vary between individuals.